Eating and Drinking Now

Nowadays, I am eating at least half an avocado a day, or sometimes a whole one. This is the optimal time for avocados, even though they can have an annoyingly small window of opportunity with regards to consumption. Whether it is on a cracker or on a toasted slice of wholewheat bread, its subtle and succulent flavor cannot be beaten. I am also finding myself using hummus and tahini more often. Soft chickpeas and a dollop of raw tahini can be added to so many salads as an upgrade, or you can make them into their respective sauces, and add whatever you want them in the process. A plate of fresh veggies, cut into thick sticks or slices, with two small bowls of hummus and tahini on the side, topped with chopped parsley or scallion – this is something which can lift your spirits and satisfy your snacky cravings. At least it does for me. Chicken (breast, mainly) is another favorite. I suppose you can say I am a spring chicken. I buy organic whenever I can, since I can taste the difference in my cooking. Spring is still a time when it could get cold at night, and nothing beats a bowl of chicken soup with assorted root veggies. Soups are so easy to make, and if you eat right when it comes off the stove… it is magic. 3 – I am drinking primarily water. This is not out of the ordinary for me. The thing is not what I drink, but when I drink it, and the answer to that is: at the end of the meal, rather than during. I take special care to eat what is in front of me, and only then drink. It helps with proper digestion, it helps foods taste better (because it is not “competing” with a beverage), and it is overall healthier Also, a glass of chilled white wine or room-temp red can do wonders, and it is a great way to unwind after a long day or a good meal.

4 – these are easy to acquire, easy to prepare, easy to digest, and they are relatively inexpensive. Simple and scrumptious, without too much drama. 5 – my favorite way to prepare the food I mentioned is to have fun with spices, more than anything. Avocado turns into guac so easily, and then it is a question of paring it with the right spices which will compliment the rest of your meal. Turmeric always plays a part in my kitchen, and I enjoy adding it to hummus and tahini sauces. I add garlic, fresh herbs, cumin, and sometimes hot peppers (red, mostly). As for the chicken breast, my favorite method is to cover it with eggs, spices, and breadcrumbs, effectively turning it into a schnitzel. Again, this is something best eaten right out of the frying pan. It can be eaten plain with a side of rice, in a bun with leafy greens and tomatoes, or even diced up and thrown into a salad. 6 – these are definitely everyday foods. When I choose to snack, I snack.

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