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I don’t always put essential oils in beard, but when I do, I use something which is all-natural. The last thing I wanted in my beard, other than eggs perhaps, is a bunch of chemicals, preservatives, and artificial fragrances. Going all natural is the only way, as far as I am concerned. I have sensitive facial skin, and I knew that going in.

I have been growing my beard for a few years now, and it is going well. Every now and then I will grab a chunk and trim it. I don’t want it too long, or else it becomes too much to handle. So yeah, I like it, and I want to keep it, which is why I use a blend of essential oils specifically made for facial hair. has an excellent selection of natural products.

Now, here is the thing: it is not as if other products can’t achieve the same results. Don’t think that no other product can get you the results you want. Beard oils are not too different from other all natural products, when you look at them objectively. Yet they are marketed in such a way which appeals to beard groomers. They contain oils and extracts which are good for the face, where a lot of sebum glands are. The sebum is the body’s natural oil, and usually part of the problem is that the body has trouble dealing with pH balance, which is why many skin conditions occur to begin with.


If you are having an itchy, irritated time with your beard, don’t shave it off quite yet. You can go about healing yourself in several ways. First off, just to be sure, perhaps get diagnosed by a medical doctor. Some skin conditions are way worse than others, and you want to be sure that there isn’t some fungus involved or anything of the sort. After you are diagnosed, you can choose what route to take as far as healing it is concerned.

If it is simply an issue of dryness and lack of natural oil, using an oil like jojoba, which greatly resembles our sebum, could be extremely helpful. Jojoba is present in many beard oils for this exact reason. The oil of the jojoba plant is one of the closest things to the human sebum, and those whose body cannot produce enough of it could find some solace there, at least until the body changes gears.

It could to do with food, with illness, with stress and mental issues. Tons of things can effect the production of sebum in our body, and it can also be other products which we put in our hair and beard. Certain shampoos and conditioners could be detrimental to your hair’s health, even though they advertise as being helpful. To each, his own. All of those two-bit solutions are often no solutions at all, just cosmetics. They cover up the damage with a layer of chemicals, and claim to fix the issue. But without fixing the root causes, the sebum and pH issue, the underlying problems, it is of no use. Usually in that case, the problems will re-emerge when you stop treatment. Beard oil could provide an all-natural solution. Check it out.

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