About Tea

After my little rant about the wonders of coffee I thought I would do the same for tea. In England there is a tradition to whip out some tea and biscuits at 4pm. I think this should be a worldwide habit. People would be much calmer if this existed and I really think that it’s missing from many cultures. Maybe all you need is a cup of tea to chill you out and you never knew? There are numerous reasons why you would want to drink tea and it’s not just to calm you down. There’s a reason that drinking is on the list of things to do if you want to enlist in some self-care. The fact that looking after yourself includes drinking tea is saying something about the British culture. I mean, they’re obviously doing something right.

There’s different kinds of tea for different occasions. The one that can be drunk with milk is the regular type. A plain tea bag can use a splash of milk to put you on the cultured side of caution. There’s also herbal teas if you really want to go a little wild. There are so many of these that we won’t be able to go through them all, but let’s just list a few and consider their benefits.

First off there is mint tea, which is really good to just cleanse out the system. You’ll use this if you want to push everything down the system after a long meal. It really helps with digestion and also gives your taste buds that little extra kick. You can also drink fennel tea for the same detox effects and it kind of tastes like liquorice. Some people are flat out opposed to this taste but I guess it’s like marmite in that sense. Some people love it and some hate it. I happen to love fennel tea and it has gotten me through a lot of tough times. Next up on the tea list is lavender tea. This is the perfect tea if you want something to help you fall asleep. If you need that kickstart in your sleep routine, look no further than the relaxing benefits of some lavender tea. It tastes like it smells though so if you’re averted to the smell of lavender like I am you might not like it so much. The last tea that I want to discuss is the

ginger and lemon combo that can do wonders in terms of your overall wellness. Whenever my friend is nauseous she swears by this tea. Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties which can help you to feel less nauseous when you don’t feel well. Lemon is also known for reducing nausea and help digestion. This makes this tea a killer post-meal combo that has got the kicks you need to feel better and wash everything down. Sounds gross, but it’s true that this is what you’re looking for after a heavy meal.

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