I Need To Get My Stuff Fixed

I have had dreams of Israel all my life. Every time I visited the land I always felt a special connection and I couldn’t wait to make Aliyah and live there. That time came last year when my plane dropped down and I was officially made a citizen. I knew I had trials ahead. I had heard and experienced the classic rudeness and pushiness and knew that I the bureaucracy was not perfect but I was as prepared as I was going to be. I was excited and that was all I needed.

I settled in Jerusalem in the Nachlaot neighborhood. That is where I felt most at home. The neighborhood is filled with artists and musicians. The thing about Nachalot is that a lot of the places are old and dilapidated. Those are the cheaper apartments. When I got into my apartment I had the basic appliances. I had a small fridge and a microwave and small electric stove top. It was the summer time so it was sweltering outside. I remember I went to sleep without a fan or AC unit. Let’s just say I did not sleep very well that night. So the next day I looked up the best air conditioning units on the market.

What I found out was that they are extremely expensive so I was going to have to stick with a powerful fan. I went to the store and did just that. I bought a nice fan with a couple of settings and started saving for the air conditioning unit.

I got a job working at a local bakery and began the process of learning the language and becoming “Israeli”. As I talked to more and more people about appliances and fix-it people I got all sorts of view points. Some of my friends had great experiences and some had nightmare stories. What I realized was that appliance handymen were the same everywhere. Some wanted to screw you out of your money while others did a honest job and only charged for what they felt they deserved.

I looked up appliance handymen and found Efes Takalot. My friend’s friend worked for them and I called them up to ask about air conditioners. They spoke English and were extremely helpful. They answered all my questions and said that I would have a better chance at getting a cheaper AC used. They said that if I bought the AC they would install it within the day and gave me a price I thought was reasonable. I booked a time for the next day. I got the AC and they came in a timely fashion that was surprising and welcomed. They told me that if I had any questions they would be more than happy to answer them. I went on their website and found a whole bunch of info about other appliances and what to look for when calling a handymen.

I now have air conditioning and am cool and comfortable in my apartment. This is not bad at all!

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